“Silvia has been by my side guiding me on what’s turned out to be a life changing journey and I am very excited about what the future holds for me in work and life. As a coach, she brings light, humility, knowledge and a genuine interest to help you attain your goals and to become the best version of yourself you can be.”

Claire M. – Senior Vice President, EMEA Business at Kinaxis

“Silvia combines an impressive working background with a unique understanding and passion for people. Her careful preparation and skills as a coach allowed me to see areas of improvement and work on personal matters related to my work situation. This eventually gave me the courage to improve my decision-making skills and move on from a job that I was not enjoying. I am truly grateful for this and I have since been able to look forward to the unknown with a new feeling of self-assurance.”

Alexander L. – Operations and Strategy at Suade Labs

“Silvia’s coaching, challenges and encouragements have all been precious to me. Not only have I felt growing by working with her, but more importantly she have helped me to find something that I’ve always been looking for: the keys to identify the directions that suit me. And this is an enormous gift for which I will always be grateful.”

Tarak F. – Senior Program Manager at Logitech

“Before starting the programme, I felt very dissatisfied with my job and generally lacking in energy and motivation in life. Silvia’s loving and caring personality helped me understand the negative perspective from which I was looking at my working and private life, and the methods we used together has shed some light over more effective and rewarding ways to approach the future.

I particularly enjoyed working together on ‘action plans’, which provided me with a very fruitful platform to develop new ideas for a business of my own.

I would particularly recommend her to creative people, as she is able to immediately understand their desire for challenge and their drive towards the new and the unexpected.”

Irene A. – PA to MCB Publishers and International Director

“I am a very busy mum to two young children and I have a great job that I can’t commit to as much as I want. Juggling between the two was a torture. Silvia helped me look at my life differently and organise things in the way that makes me a happier person.
At the end of the coaching sessions, I managed to put a plan for my career and organise my personal life.”

Aida K. – NHS Clinical Embryologist

“Silvia has a great skill at bringing to my attention ways of looking at situations differently. It’s a thought-provoking coaching style. She helped me focus on my goals and get clarity on what I needed to do in preparing for my job interview: Silvia coached me to position myself in the best possible way. Her feedback was very useful in creating a broader perspective about looking at my circumstances: it was a voyage of rediscovering my Mojo!”

Edward C. – Senior Investment Adviser 

“Silvia has been my coach when I was at a crossroads in my career. Her experience and knowledge of wellbeing on the one hand, and her natural empathy on the other hand, made our sessions a safe environment where I could reflect on and overcome my weaknesses and make the best of my strengths.”

Pina R. – Operations and HR Manager at Age UK East London

“I enjoyed Silvia’s coaching style and the different techniques she used which also inspired me to apply some of them with my teams in my own job.

I believe the real benefit of having her as a coach is the fact that she has been in my shoes before as she used to work in a corporate environment, therefore she understands my goals and ambitions as well as the issues that I face in the work environment.”

Melina M. – PwC Senior Manager

“We asked Silvia for some individual coaching for the two of us regarding leadership and time management and found it to be extremely valuable. We decided to extend her skills to our small team in London, with amazing results. Our team loved her sessions and we noticed an exceptional outcome of self-confidence, organisation and growth in their individual roles and their work as a team.”

CEO and Creative Director of a luxury fashion brand