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Individual Coaching

Are you a leader who is facing challenges during a work-related transition? Do you feel demotivated or stuck and are wondering what really has meaning for you? Do you want to develop confidence, resilience and the ability to establish effective relationships?

My coaching will help you recognise and redefine feelings and emotions so that you will have better skills to make informed and empowered decisions.

Through a range of creative coaching tools and techniques, you will be guided in the exploration of your qualities, strengths, and values. This process will aid you in the discovery of your true identity and your higher purpose.

You will gain a deeper level of self-awareness, satisfaction and wellbeing that will bring renewed energy and power to your workplace and to your personal life.

I offer bespoke coaching programmes to people who are ready to transform their lives. Based on your needs and requirements, I will suggest several options to choose from at the end of our first free consultation.

Areas of expertise:

  • Career and personal transitions
  • Managing change and conflict
  • Mental Fitness for Performance
  • Stress management and Wellbeing